About Bay Kwanzaa Website

The Bay Area Kwanzaa website is a resource for information about Kwanzaa and celebrations taking place in the Bay Area.

On this website, you will find information about Kwanzaa, its history, symbols and principles, and links to other Kwanzaa resources. You will also find a calendar of Kwanzaa events (updated annually), as well as photos and videos from Bay Area Kwanzaa celebrations since 2007.

The website was created as a project of The Black Hour Radio Show, based on the principles of Kwanzaa.

UMOJA (Unity)
This website was created in 2009 to have a centralized place for information about Kwanzaa celebrations in the Bay Area.

KUJICHAGULIA (Self-Determination)
At the time, mainstream news outlets were running numerous stories to emphasize that Kwanzaa was losing popularity. Yet, there were at least 15 various Kwanzaa celebrations taking place throughout the Bay Area that year, and those same outlets were not reporting on those events. So it is important that we document our own culture and not depend on our enemies to do so.

UJIMA (Collective Work and Responsibility)
For decades, a number of people had organized "Public Houses of Kwanzaa" in the Bay Area under the banner of the Kwanzaa Committee. The emails circulated widely and this website was to expand the circle and showcase the hard work being done by many hands.

UJAMAA (Cooperative Economics)
This website seeks to be a portal for economic exchange year-round.

NIA (Purpose)
Bay Area Kwanzaa is a resource for those wanting to learn more about Kwanzaa, celebrate Kwanzaa, and share their Kwanzaa experiences -- to show that African culture is still relevant.

KUUMBA (Creativity)
This website should also be a space to curate our artistic and cultural creations inspired by Kwanzaa.

IMANI (Faith)
I have faith that this website will contribute to the perpetuation of the principles of Kwanzaa, beyond the end of the year, until it is a part of our lives: Kwanzaa 365.


Bay Area Kwanzaa

The purpose of this page is to provide Bay Area residents information about Kwanzaa events. The information on this page is courtesy of the Bay Area Kwanzaa Committee and The Village Project and other Kwanzaa event organizers.


Altar at 2008 Kwanzaa Ujamma Celebration at Lake Merritt Boat House in Oakland.
Photo by The Black Hour


Watch more Kwanzaa videos.

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